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Beware of false rental scams

To let sign We received the following e-mail this morning: “A man who calls himself Dr. George Bolton is sending scam enquiries for rentals. Be careful not to answer him.” We don’t know why, but we won’t. Lots of scams during a recession… But if Dr. George is a scam artist, all he has to do is change his name. If he’s not, we’ve lost a customer. Ah, well.



  Valerie Jubb wrote @

I have been inundated with requests for B & B which are false! The way it works is they – and there are lots of them out there! – send you a request for accommodation and ask for the total cost and they will send you the money by credit card or occasionally, cheque. They “overpay” the amount and ask you to refund the difference and once you have done that you discover that the original payment was a fraud payment! You get used to the format of their messages and will soon recognise them as a scam. These people are a real pain so be careful not to get caught out.

  HC LAbrock wrote @

I got this one on 8/10/09. Any reason why these emails are out? What are they fishing for?

“Thanks for your prompt response.I have discussed this with my Wife
about this and we have agreed to use your place and as for the cost,
we are alright with it. My Wife’s employers will be the one
responsible for all our our vacation expenses as a wedding gift and
they have promised to send you a certified check as soon as you have
penned these dates down for us. Kindly email me your full
name,physical address, home and cell phone number so that the payment
can be mailed out to you soon.
Waiting to read from you.Have a great week ahead.”
Mike Rod

  prospero wrote @

Received by e-mail this morning:

A scammer made enquiries for multiple properties this morning and we would advise all those affected to ignore the enquiry.

The enquiry was from: Mr Thomas Huddlestone

Email addresses used: DO NOT


If you received an enquiry from this person, IGNORE IT.

Several diligent owners informed us very quickly and there ensued a game of cat and mouse as we blocked his various attempts.

  Nicholas Newman wrote @

Apparently they are at it again. I have nothing to do with any form of lodging but I received a similar email today 8 December 2011, over 2 years later than the incidents you describe. But I did not receive it at the address with with which I am registered with you, but at another address.

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