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Roca’s tax haven companies

J.A.Roca (Sur in English) Yet more twists in the never ending case of Marbella’s ex planning consultant Juan Antonio Roca (photo) and the “Malaya” scandal. A change in disclosure laws, introduced in April, meant that former tax havens were forced to reveal information about companies registered with them. One of these, which had appeared on the Office of Economic Cooperation and Development’s black list, was the Isle of Man. It appears that the Spanish authorities involved in the Malaya case had requested information from the island some two years ago and it is only now, with the change of law, that they have received some answers.>

The information received to date by the Organised Crime and Drugs Investigation unit reveals that Roca had a controlling interest in two companies, Pelbo Ltd and Sunnata Management Ltd. Files also reveal that Massimo Felippa, another defendant in the Malaya case, also had an interest in the companies.

Documents received relate to a total of six companies and establish links with the then tax haven dating back to 1996. Money was transferred through a Swiss based company Barinvest. Two of the other companies, Greenlife Estate Holdings and Euqueria Holdings Ltd had shares in several Spanish companies, including Elviria Golf Club SL and Rio Real Playa SL both under the control of Massimo Felippa.

Money regularly passed between the various companies and a third, Valera Development Ltd, also controlled by Felippa. A mortgage of 1.5 million was also raised through Pelbo Ltd which provided funds for a Spanish company Eka 620 SL, run by Roca.

The investigation will continue into the sources and destinations of the monies that travelled between the Isle of Man, Spain and Switzerland. Perhaps we will one day know the extent of the frauds carried out by Roca and his co-defendants in the Malaya case.

One of Roca’s companies is the registered owner of the La Morisca estate in Jimena. See related JimenaPulse items here.


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