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3 more ETA bombs in Majorca

Majorca (Agencies) The terrorist group ETA set off three small bombs in the centre of Palma de Mallorca this afternoon. There are no injured but considerable damage to the three locations where the bombs were set off by the terrorist group>

or as a controlled explosion. The first bomb went off shortly after 2pm at an Italian restaurant, where it had been placed in the ladies’ toilet.

The second bomb went off shortly afterwards at another restaurant, also in the toilets. Although there had been a warning and the TEDAX explosives unit of the Guardia Civil had set up a controlled explosion, it in fact went of before they were able to intervene.

A third bomb exploded in a ladies’ toilet of the Plaza Mayor shopping centre, very close to the City’s main Square, Plaza España.

Police are at this moment for a fourth bomb they think may have been set. Meanwhile, Majorca has been closed down; the island’s airport and ports were closed – at the height of the holiday season.

Investigations are proceeding along the lines that these three may be an operation carried out by the same group that exploded the car bomb that killed two Guardia Civil officers two weeks ago.


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