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Shark scare closes Gibraltar beaches

(Video filmed by Burkhard Menns of Beedivers Gibraltar) A debate as to whether the shark sighted earlier this week by visiting German divers off Camp Bay was the extremely dangerous Great White Shark or the much more peaceful giant, the Basking Shark, did not stop the beaches on the Rock from being cleared of all swimmers. Some complained that there had been no explanations when requested to come out of the water as red flags went up.>According to The Gibraltar Chronicle, Dr Erik Shaw, head of the marine section of the Gibraltar Ornithological and Natural History Society, viewed different footage filmed by another diver and concluded that it was a Great White. However, the head of Beedivers Gibraltar, Burkhard Menn, who dives regularly in the area, was convinced it was no more than a Basking Shark. Indeed, his diving party was keen to get back in the water to swim with it. In either case, the shark was calculated to b about 10m long.

Both species are fairly common in the Straits and the Meditaerranean, though very rarely quite so close to shore. Just in case, the marine Section of the Royal Gibraltar Police was keeping an eye on the situation.


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  ohhlala wrote @

omg i live in gib so imagin how sceary it would be 2 see that basking shark at calatan bay

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