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Second ETA bomb in 24 hours: 2 Guardias killed

AtentadoETA_Mallorca The Basque terrorist group, ETA, struck again at approximately 1.45 this afternoon, 24 hours after the explosion in Burgos yesterday. According to news coming in, this time it was at Palmanova, Majorca, very near the island’s capital Palma, in an area called Caviá and much frequented by British tourists. The two victims were Guardia Civil officers, who are as yet unnamed, though one of them was apparently born in Burgos, while the other was a student at the GC academy on practice. There are no reports of serious injuries from the car bomb. The whole island is on a lockdown. Watch this space for updates.>This is the first time a terrorist bomb has killed on the holiday island, though an attempt at assassinating King Juan Carlos was aborted at Palma in 1995. The King and Queen, their children and grandchildren are expected in Majorca this weekend, to start their annual holiday at the Palace of Marivent, only a few kilometres away from where the explosion occured this afternoon.

18.43. Second bomb found

The GC has just confirmed that, as suspected, a second car bomb was found a few minutes ago, which is now being deactivated.

19.03. Guardias named


The dead guardias are named as Carlos Sáenz, left, 28, and Diego Salva, 27.

Tourists in the area are forbidden to leave their hotel rooms and Majorca ports and airports remain closed.

19.42. Airport opens

The Majorca airport was opened after 6pm, though many flights were delayed. Only one of four large cruise ships has been allowed to leave the port at Palma, which remains closed as do others. Traffic on the island was practically at a standstill as the National Police and Guardia Civil registered vehicles on all the main highways.

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