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Marchenilla home under attack from wasps

AVISPASnidopolistes We received this e-mail from Mark Ward, at the Pony Club in Marchenilla, who needs help: “I was out today & got a phone call from Tanya requesting I buy a can of fly spray to rid our front terrace of a few wasps. I returned can in hand to find the cunning little beggars appear to have our house completely surrounded;>without exaggeration there are hundreds flying about dictating we keep all doors & windows tightly shut, most uncomfortable this time of year. I understand that the local council are able to offer help with this type of problem, do you, or any of your army of readers, know the procedure for this or even if we can obtain this type of help? Finally, would you recommend Savlon or Germaline?” If you can offer any advice, please click on the word Comments above.


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  prospero wrote @

I’m posting your question on JimenaPulse and will attempt to find out about the Council procedure, if there is one. In the meantime, I’d grab as much mosquito netting as possiible and put it up on all your windows, even if it’s just stapled on. Hang on in there. Can you describe them? Are they like in the photo, or are they the big black ones that make nests out of mud? The answer might be important.
No idea about medicine, but if they sting and you don’t know if you or anyone else is allergic, go straight to the medical centre and tell them you have been stung by avispas and you need antihistamínicos.

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