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ETA car bomb explodes in Burgos

AtentadoETA_Burgos (Agencies) At least 65 people were injured after the Basque terrorist group, ETA, exploded a powerful car bomb at 3.45 this morning outside a Guardia Civil headquarters in Burgos. Among the injured are children and pregnant women. A spokesperson for the investigation team said, “It is a real miracle that no-one was killed.” The explosion caused serious damage to the building, its effects reaching as high as seven stories up and leaving an enormous crater. Interior Minister Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba said, “It was a failed attempt at killing the families of Guardia Civil officers. Some 41 children were asleep at the time.”


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  Andre Lafont wrote @

It is evident that the central Castilian government wants to maintain the situation as is. If the government and people ever wanted to change, they would move on that direction. It is very clear for everyone but the Spaniards that all there is to do is to give the Basques the right to have their own autonomy according to the Chart of the United Nations. For as long as they do not do it the right way the Basques will have the right to fight the occupation exactly the same way as the French did against the German occupation during WW2. We cannot separate both cases and have two measures for the same problem. Basques are not ethnically related to the Spaniards, not even from a far. Killing Basques will result as the Israeli killing Palestinians – the more they kill the more will arise against the occupation. Spaniards do not want peace, but colonial domination. You should tell people the truth.

Spaniards have always been the bloodiest criminals all over the world, and. Their genocides and torture have been the most astonishing by cruelty. Their heroes are the most horrible people of this kind and have no equal in humanity. Nevertheless, they are proud of their assassins, giving their names to streets on cities. They hide the crimes, but we can read many books about it. Just try these two links:
An English translation of the book on the last link can be found here:

Franco gave Luftwafe the Basque country to bomb and kill for training. Has everybody forgotten Picasso’s painting Guernica and what he used to say about it? Don’t we know Spain is always against the autonomy of any country? Why? They do not want peace. You should tell people the truth instead of calling the Basques terrorists.

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