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Readers’ Choice: B.B.King/Jerry Lee Lewis/Little Richard/Ray Charles/et al,

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(click on pic for more info and don’t forget curry night tonight)

This one came in from a friend in Gaucín, nicknut; whoever you may be, we thank you humbly.  This is an amazing end to what must have been one heck of a concert somewhere in Italy. Aside from the people in the headline above, we can also see James Brown, but who’s the guy with hat and a square guitar, or the woman – we can’t identify them, can you?

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  prospero wrote @

E-mail: “The man with the hat and the square guitar is … Bo Diddley! Great video! Best wishes. Richard”
OF COURSE it is! So who’s the lady with short black hair dyed blonde, then?
Just kidding, thanks, Richard.

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