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Do we really need another fountain?

PICT0003 Yes, another one. Having built what looks like a horse trough just above the market square that is, in our opinion, about as useful, there is yet another fountain going up on what was once the steps to the old entrance to the primary school (estimated at about €50,000). While it is understandable that employment needs to be created in these difficult times, surely there are more urgent things that could be done.>

The village road surfaces come quickly to mind, as does the school itself, which badly needs a coat of paint; or the fence behind the Instituto, a gateway to truancy… Please tell us what you think, and if you have a photo of something needing repair, send it in. Maybe we can help the Council with a priority list.

PICT0002 Copy of PICT0008 IMG_7801 PICT0004 PICT0006 IMG_8629

(Prospero comment: I am very grateful to Councillor Fernando Gómez for having had my garages painted. The old doors are due for replacement or at least repairing and painting, but, frankly, I can’t afford it.)


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  Sancho wrote @

Ah so that’s what it is. I passed the spot when señor Gómez was in conference with others on Wednesday and all was not yet clear. I have to say that I adore fountains and the sound of running water – at least whilst my prostrate holds up. The problem is if they are not kept running and maintained they then become giant rubbish containers. However I take your point about other works needing urgent attention. As I presume the fountain (and others) were built by the employment workshop – could it be that the instructor only knows how to build fountains?

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