About Jimena de la Frontera, the province of Cadiz and Spain as a whole, focused on this small village in the mountains

Media Festival coverage

EuropaSur1 There has been plenty of media coverage of this year’s Music Festival. Aside from the radio programme broadcast from Jimena on Wednesday, EuropaSur headlines ‘Jimena breathes music and emotion’ (photo), Sur (‘The IX International Music Festival of Jimena de la Frontera gets under way’) and El Faro/Información (‘The Festival remembers Tobalina, Callejo and Piñero’), the local area media, have given it a reasonable amount of space. Not so the press in English, as far as we are able to find out – why not? (If you find an article in English, on paper or online, please send us a link, or leave a copy at La Tasca – tell them it’s for Alberto.)



  Sancho wrote @

There is a write up in this week’s Costa del Sol News – I know – because I wrote it.

  prospero wrote @

Why, thank you, David, but WHERE? A search of that paper online reveals a host of your excellent articles, but I can find no reference to the Festival. Be a good lad and send in the link.

  Sancho wrote @

Sadly the story is not a lead so is not on-line but only in the printed edition of which we sell 20,000 – priced 1.20 euros from all good newsagents.

On the wider issue the festival has always appeared in the Costa del Sol News for obvous reasons and over the years I have pushed it out to other media. I know I was not alone in this because you were doing the same. If it wasn’t for the fact that Jimena had two English journalists living here then the column inches would be virtually zero.

Now the financial crisis has hit it has caused the once impressive spread of artists to shrink to an affordable number – but that means the Jimena festival is not bigger and better than many but rather the reverse. Hence this is another (small) festival rather than the festival.

However fundamentally you have to point the finger at the Jimena press office and not the English media. How many press packs were sent out to the English publications? How many invitations? Of course this is not new – as far as the calle Sevilla is concerned the “media” is Europa Sur, Diario Sur Campo de Gibraltar, Europa Sur, Area, Europa Sur, El Faro, Europa Sur and oh yes, Canal Sur.

  Giles Brown wrote @

Dear Prospero

I would have loved to have included something in my magazine, but this is the first that I’ve heard of the festival. Shame


Giles Brown

  prospero wrote @

Thank you, Giles, for your comment. I will make certain you are on the English media list for next year, if there is a festival (please see various comments here). In the meantime, I’ll send you a little something, with photos, so you can get a ‘review’ if nothing else. Again, thank you.

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