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Electricity to go up by 2% as from tomorrow

electricity (Agencies) The Ministry of Industry has approved an increase of 2% in the cost of electricity, which is applicable as from tomorrow. This in addition to the 3.5% increase we had at the beginning of the year. At the same time, the government will no longer regulate the cost, which means that 22 million consumers will now be able to choose their supplier>

from among some thirty companies. Instead, a new tariff, called Tarifa de Último Recurso (Tariff of last Resort), comes into effect at a maximum rate that will be updated every three months according to the cost of raw materials and demand.

There are some 27 million consumers of domestic, 22 million of which are affected by the new measure, and more directly, 90% of these: those with a contract for between 3 and 10kW/h.

Low income clients, on the other hand, will be able to apply for a so-called ‘social bonus’, whereby the price of their electricity is frozen until 2012. This applies to those on minimum pensions (pensioners, widows, handicapped), as well as large families and the unemployed.


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