About Jimena de la Frontera, the province of Cadiz and Spain as a whole, focused on this small village in the mountains

Why is the Arenal pool not open yet?

ARENAL WATER 001 Residents of the controversial Arenal 2000 complex in Jimena are asking: “Why can’t we use our pool yet?” They see that the municipal pools in Jimena and San Pablo are open, but theirs is unavailable. They had been promised that it would be open by mid June; they have been paying for it; they can’t use it. JimenaPulse spoke to the president of the community association, Pilar Gallego,>

and was told that the health inspector, having seen it earlier, demanded some minor adjustments and subsequently ‘omitted’ to give the okay on the same day the municipal pools got theirs. Apparently, she simply passed it by.

The residents are livid. With good reason, they feel that with all the problems the urbanization has had (related items here), in good measure thanks to mishandling by Jimena Council, the least that could be done, is to speed the matter up.

But their complaints are not just about the pool. They are still asking why the street lights, which Mayor Pascual Collado promised would be operational by the May Fair, are still unlit. Summer is here, they say, and gatherings of cars with loud music, drinking and illegal substance taking are on the increase.


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