About Jimena de la Frontera, the province of Cadiz and Spain as a whole, focused on this small village in the mountains

Jimena residents warn of a wave of burglaries

burglary_1014464c (EuropaSur) Residents of Jimena contacted Europa Sur yesterday to complain about a wave of burglaries at homes and businesses, saying that some 15 such crimes have been committed in a month and a half, some of which were repeated in the same places.>

The newspaper contacted Councillor for Security, Andrés Beffa, who disagreed with the residents’ statement after checking the denuncias registered over that period. The residents, however, countered the statistics by stating that many of them are afraid to report (the burglaries) for fear of reprisals from the perpetrators.

Beffa said that this is in fact a quiet time, as the usual two or three perpetrators are in prison. Nevertheless, Beffa advised victims to report any incidents by at least telling the Local Police, who cannot act if they don’t know the facts.

Complaints from the residents also mentioned a lack of police coverage at night, to which Beffa replied that only 1% of (the police’s) activity occurs at night from Monday to Thursday, “so we have to work together with the Guardia Civil, who are in charge of security for populations of under 10,000 inhabitants.” Beffa also announced that the Local Police will be patrolling until 3am during June, July and August, instead of until 11pm.


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