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Family fun hot dog show

PICT0019 An alternative headline might have been ‘Mad dogs and Englishmen & women out in the midday sun…’, but we thought we’d play safe. The dog show held yesterday at Tanya’s Saturday Pony Club was a grand success with people attached to dogs, and vice versa, turning up from all over the district. In the words of the judge, Vivien Eales (of 4Paws Training School): “It is a very difficult decision (on the Best of Show).” Alas we didn’t get the names of all the class winners (can someone tell us, please?) but it was obvious that the operative words for the day was not ‘breeds’. Yet all the dogs on show are decidedly members of families, which was the event’s objective. (More pics and text below>)

And it was hot. Boy, was it hot! By the time we arrived, close to 2pm, most of the dogs had had enough. Some were actually stepping very gingerly on the sand meant for harder horses hooves. Maybe an 11am start is a little too close to midday in the heat of summer – we would kindly suggest that in the future(there will be more, we’re told) it might be better held in the cooler evening.

PICT0009 PICT0023

The owners and onlookers sat under an array of colourful umbrellas and a new use for feeding troughs (above left) we congratulate Tanya, Mark and Daniel on. And congratulations, too, on their organizing skills. We didn’t have time to try the hamburgers, so we can’t congratulate them on that. Next time!

PICT0011 PICT0012 PICT0014 PICT0018

PICT0016 PICT0017

PICT0024 PICT0025

And winners were … you tell us! (click on the word ‘comments’ at the top of this article).

PICT0021 PICT0027 PICT0028


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  Vivien Eales (Judge-4Paws Dog School) wrote @

Hi, Tanya sent the article to me, it looks great, thank you.

I can tell you that the Best in Show was won by Bobby, owned by Samantha from Jimena, and Reserve Best in Show was won by Mickey, owned by Jenni from Manilva. I have the names of all the other winners, but they all deserved to be mentioned! The show was organised after I had run a six week obedience training class which finished on the 14th, so the 21st was the only date available. As this was our first show, the weather was definately too hot, but our thoughts for the future would be to do it earlier in the year, probably early May. Evening shows often don’t work, I’ve been involved for over 10 years with the ADANA dog show held in Estepona, and we’ve tried the evening, without much success, however, it is something we will discuss next year.

We are starting another 6 week Obedience Training course at Tanya’s on Sunday 13th September, which you may want to include in your next article. As I am going to be away from 3rd July to 7th September, any one that might be interested can contct Tanya, and she will give them more details and add them to our list. Many of those that did the first course, are itching to join the second!

We then start our normal training classes in Sabinillas on tues 8th Sept, Estepona on wed 9th Sept, and San Pedro on Sat 12th September.

If you want anymore information you can contact me through this email address, as I will be checking my emails while I am away.

Thanks again for such a lovely article.

Viv Eales

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