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Van hits lorry on A-405

accidenteAlmendriz (TioJimeno) An accident on the A-405 (Km 25, known as the Curva El Almendriz) happened at about 5.30pm yesterday when a Citroen Jumpi van hit a Volvo lorry head on for reasons being investigated. Apparently the van travelled for about 50m on the wrong side of the road before hitting the lorry. The van driver, from Castellar, had to be cut out of his vehicle by the fire brigade, while the truck driver was unhurt. There have been several accidents on this corner, which should probably be named a black spot.


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  CraftyPip wrote @

I can understand our need to label a location, where road traffic acidents occur on a regular basis, as Black Spots.
Having said that, does anyone analyse the reasons behind such a claim?
How many of us read the road? How many of us take the weather into consideration when driving? How many of us look further than we have to? How many of us know the safest stopping distances when following another vehicle? How many of us check the following essential items of our car at least once a day before we take the car outs; i.e oil and water levels, cooling fluid level, washer bottle level, check lights, check the tyres for damage or low pressure, ? How many of us really know the laws?
We all expect that roads are going to be constructed with safety in mind and sometimes when the road surface fails due to use or natural causes we expect incidents to occur.
But have you ever considered this; without the motor vehicle , there would not be the accidents.
That is an ideal which cannot happen so why not look to educating drivers and other road users as to their responsibilities when using the road.
Having seen the costs involved and the difficulty nowerdays in obtaining a licence, I am always suprised to see the constant excuses we make for our short fall in the standards we have set ourselves.

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