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Riding therapy centre opens in Sotogrande

IMG_0676 (Press release) The Santa María Polo Foundation officially inaugurated its Riding Therapy centre at the Río Sotogrande grounds yesterday. Representing the Foundation headed by Ramón Mora Figueroa, spokesperson Joaquín Blanco said, “We have been planning a therapy centre for years, working mainly through San Roque Council and the Junta de Andalucía. Eventually we will be moving it from here to Finca La Alcaidesa, but took advantage that these provisional facilities are close to the polo grounds. They started working a month ago and already attend to 24 people, and we hope to reach 40 weekly sessions next month, which is the maximum we can cope with.” (More on Riding Therapy below)>

Riding / Equine Therapy involves interaction with horses such as horseback riding. It is an alternative kind of therapy intended to help individuals to recognise negative patterns of behaviour. Much emphasis is placed on the bond between the participant and animal as well as the communicative aspects of the activity.

Equine/Horse Riding Therapy is experiential in its approach, which means that individuals are encouraged to learn through authentic experiences. Horse Riding Therapy is similar to Animal Assisted therapy and shares similar concepts. Both practices provide people with opportunities to meet others through shared interests and encourages its participants to learn nurturing skills and responsibility.

Equine therapy, also known as Equine Human Relaxation Therapy is useful for many people. Because it encourages physical and social development, it is widely used for children and young people. However, the physicality of Equine Therapy is also of benefit for those suffering from problems such as disability. Moreover, the sensory and cognitive elements found in Horse-riding therapy are helpful for treating people with Down Syndrome, learning problems and retardation.

(Source: http://www.helptoheal.co.uk/equine-therapy.html)


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