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Last minute changes: schools start again on September 10

IMG_8190 The education authorities have changed their minds about when school starts again in Andalucía. In a surprise move two days before the end of the 2008/2009 school year, they have decided that Infant and Primary schools will start the 2009/2010 year on Thursday, September 10 instead of the 7th as previously announced. Secondary and Bachillerato begin on Monday, September 15th.>

Only a month ago, a new start date was given as September 7, which would have expanded the school year by seven days. Instead, a compromise was reached in an effort to please teachers and parents. In reality, this new date only expands the school year by a mere three days for the smaller kids.

The Institutos (Secondary schools), however, will open as given before: September 15th. This, in fact, is about a week earlier than it has been in the past. Again, in practical terms the date only adds another four days to the school calendar.


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