About Jimena de la Frontera, the province of Cadiz and Spain as a whole, focused on this small village in the mountains

Give a child a summer break

OrphanageUkraine There are too many orphanages in Ukraine stuffed full of kids who need a break. Who dream of having parents. Who are hungry and cry their suffering in silence. You can help at least one of them by taking him or her in for the summer, to make a dream come true, to dry their tears, give them good meals and the tender loving care they so desperately need. Here’s how>

The Asociación Niños de Ucrania y Andalucía will tell you a lot more, but we’ve taken some of the information from a pamphlet we were given yesterday, when the association presented itself in Jimena.

  • Basic requirements for temporary fostering are a healthy family atmosphere that can guarantee the well-being of the children. A Selection Committee, a social worker and a psychologist will ascertain qualifications through interviews.
  • Only healthy children from ages 7 to 14 are allowed to travel. Many of those who do present iron deficiency and delayed growth, though most of these symptoms disappear within days, and they often gain five kilos during their stay.
  • You can say what age and sex you prefer, but the association doesn’t choose them; they are sent by the orphanages.
  • Holiday fostering is only temporary. The association’s main objective is to offer these kids a break, though it is fundraising to create another two orphanages to reduce overcrowding in the existing ones.
  • Even if you can’t take a child in, you can still help the association by becoming a member in the amount you want. The money goes to repairing the existing orphanages and to create courses in such things as hairdressing, carpentry, electricity, etc. to give the kids a chance at a job when they leave.

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