About Jimena de la Frontera, the province of Cadiz and Spain as a whole, focused on this small village in the mountains

Feria and bullfights in Algeciras

cartel_feria_algeciras_2009 We often get asked where and when one can go to a bullfight in the area. Except in larger cities bullfights are generally on during a feria. The Real Feria de Algeciras gets under way this weekend (from June 20th to 28th). It is the largest in the Campo de Gibraltar and, naturally, there are bullfights. (See who, what, when below) But there’s a lot more: casetas, rides, music, dancing and general merry mayhem. Have fun!>


Sunday 21 (19:30)
Novillos (young bulls) from Cortijillo
Juan Pablo Sánchez
Luis Miguel Casares
Hugo Iglesias
Paco Gallego

Thursday 25 (19:30)
Bulls from Buenavista
El Juli
El Fandi
José María Manzanares

Friday 26 (19:30)
Bulls from Algarra
Enrique Ponce
Sebastián Castella
Miguel Ángel Perera

Saturday 27 (19:30)
Bulls from Alcurrucén
Morante de la Puebla
El Cid
Sebastián Castella

Sunday 28 (19:30) Rejones (on horseback)

Bulls from Flores Tassara
Joao Moura
A. Domecq
C. Bedoya
Álvaro Montes
Joao Tell


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