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Andalucía approves ‘dignified death’ law

PalliativeCare (Agencies) The Junta de Andalucía approved by a majority vote what has become known as the ‘Dignified Death’ Law, after over a year of debate and adjustments to its wording. The new law, a pioneering one in Spain that has yet to be approved by the Andalucía Parliament, regulates the rights of patients at the latter stages of their lives, as well as the obligations of medical personnel in both public and private centres.>

One of the main points of the law is the right of patients to reject treatment, which, although present in various other national and regional laws, has never been clearly regulated.

The wording also includes the following (translated): “A terminal patient has the right to receive palliative sedation when necessary.”

As to judicial coverage, medical personnel attending to terminal patients are obliged to remove or to not establish life support systems that “only contribute to prolonging a clinical circumstance that has no realistic expectations of improvement.” The law establishes that doctors must obtain similar opinions from at least two members of their profession, as well as to check the registry of Living Wills before making a decision. It also obliges respect for the patient’s “values, beliefs and preferences” and doctors must “abstain from imposing” their own moral or religious beliefs.

(This article will be added to our Living and Dying in Jimena page, which is offered as a service to our readers.)



  sheila wrote @

So how does one make a ‘living will’?

  prospero wrote @

Please refer to our Living and Dying in Jimena article.

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