About Jimena de la Frontera, the province of Cadiz and Spain as a whole, focused on this small village in the mountains

Streets to be closed for geophysical study of Jimena’s Historical Quarter

EstudioGeofísico_emilio_yanes (Press release) Work is to be carried out starting next week to study the ground on which sits the Historical Quarter of the village. The objective is to enable decisions on ground slippage control. The study is to be carried out on several streets, which will have to be closed at certain hours of the day or night, as the study needs drilling. Local Police are planning the best way to divert traffic. Specifically, the streets to be closed on June 16 and 17 are>

Conjunto_Histórico.Jimena_de_la_FronteraCalle Larga, Plaza de la Constitución, San Sebastián, La Vaca, Pozo Verde and surrounding areas. (Map defines Historical Quarter area.)

Seismic profiles are also to be carried out in other areas on the 18th, but this will not involve streets or inhabited sections of the Historical Quarter.

These studies have been carried out regularly for a number of years as the village is built on expanding clay and can be subject to slippage, known as grederas (pronounced locally as ‘greéras’).

The work has been supervised for a long time by Emilio Yanez and are to be done by a team from a specialist company, Geofísica Consultores (photo at top with Mayor Collado).

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