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Gas men conneth – again

bombonasxv9 If your bombonas look anything like these, you need to do something about them – fast! If not, take note of the following e-mail we received: “The men from Cogasa are visiting again …… charging a lot of money for checking butane bottles and replacing the regulators. Beware !!!” We have warned about this scam before (see Gas Man Conneth here). Thanks to TioJimeno, we also have an explanation about the realities of this scam.>

“Yesterday there was a company from Malaga knocking on doors and saying that you had to have a check of your installation. You don’t, and can’t have your system cut off, as several people have told us. You can buy a bombona (gas cylinder) easily, but your home insurance won’t cover any damage unless you have a current revisión (certificate that it’s been checked, about which more below). What these people do is change the tube and the regulator (commonly called an alcachofa, or artichoke – don’t ask, we don’t know why). They will then charge €75 for a maintenance contract that covers only the rubber tube and the alcachofa for 5 years, which they will change if necessary. But THIS IS NOT VALID AS A CERTIFICATE, and that’s where the scam is: an alcachofa costs about €9 and a metre of tubing, €1.

Cepsa Gas (the silver bombonas) works as follows: To get a contract for supply, you also need a certificate of compliance (certificado de revisión). Three months before the certificate runs out, you get a letter from them advising you of the fact. It is up to you to contact an instalador (installer) and make your own arrangements with him. However, your gas supplier will be happy to supply one. The company as such will never send round an installer unless you specifically ask them for it. Once the instalador checks your system, he will leave two copies of the certificate: one for you and one you must send to Cepsa, who will validate it for the next 5 years. This will cost between €35 and €45. Jimena, you are warned!”

(The other local gas supplier, Repsol, functions in much the same way.)


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