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Man arrested for doing 128/k in a 50/k street

Copy of concentración 160 (Agencies) A 23 year old man was arrested yesterday midday in Granada for travelling at 128 km/h in a street limited to 50. He was riding a motorcycle and doing ‘wheelies’. The man was stopped just as he was headed towards a zebra crossing at full speed at the busiest time of day for that street. (Photo, illustration only – and, yes, we know, he’s not doing a wheelie!)


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  sue wrote @

well,here I go with my gripe of the week!How many times have you had your shoulder knocked on the way up Calle Sevilla by lorries or your hip(yes,I know I have child-bearing hips and should keep them to myself!)…….where are the police when you need them?Everything goes hurtling up through there at top speed!Also,I live in a “one way only” street and there are one or two particular people who live there(or in the street above)who seem to think they have the right to zoom up or down it at any time.Unfortunately,I have to live amongst ém,so I feel a little nervous to let on to anyone but………….maybe some more barriers,sleeping policemen(what,they dont already?)and serious fines?Big words from a non-driver,I know but I´m waiting for an accident to happen and I sure aint the only one!

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