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Family attacked by Gibraltar apes

ApeWarning (Agencies) Kim and Joe Castro, and sons Sam, 3, and Jack, 6, were attacked by several apes, or Barbary Macaques, as they were visiting the top of the Rock recently, according to several news reports. The family, which was visiting Gibraltar during a holiday in Spain, were on their way to a cable car station when the attack took place, according to Kim Castro.>

“We weren’t paying attention to this one group as we passed it,” says Kim. She added that they were well aware of the notices not to goad or feed the apes and, while a previous group they had passed were no problem, this single one pounced on them, biting and scratching.

The children became hysterical as their parents tried to pull them away from the apes, which may have set off the rest of the group of five or six.

The Castros were taken to hospital with injuries. Joe had bites to his head, while Kim was left with large bruises and cuts to her arms. The parents managed to save young Sam from injury, but his brother Jack had a chunk taken out of his arm, where the surgeon told them he would be scarred for life. Worried about rabies, the family was assured that the apes are all vaccinated. The Castros returned home yesterday.

There are signs everywhere around the top of the Rock about not feeding the apes but they are often ignored, particularly by Gibraltar taxi drivers and tour bus operators, who bring them closer to their clients by feeding them. The Government recently announced that the Royal Gibraltar Police will be specially vigilant about keeping to the rules, issuing fines where necessary.


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