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Campo politicians insist on the importance of the EU to the district

euro_parliament (Agencies) With only six days to go for European elections, Campo de Gibraltar politicians are insisting, at rallies throughout the district, that the EU has been and will be crucial to the area, particularly in terms of infrastructure and employmet, two key issues on all parties’ electoral platforms. PSOE Senator José Carracao, says, “The advances we have experienced in the Campo cannot be understood without the active participation of EU funds, which have allowed us to come out of our historical isolation.”>

PP National Deputy José Ignacio Landaluce, for his part, says, “Every decision made by the EU affects us directly,” adding that European influence in the creation of transport networks throughout the area has been fundamental to the “continuing development of the Campo” particularly in regard to the railroad axis being created between Algeciras, Madrid and Paris.
Izquierda Unida’s district co-ordinator, Javier Mohedano, insisted that the “EU is crucial to changes in the structure of the productive tissue of the area that will end the chronic unemploymet we suffer.”
The regional secretary of the Partido Andalucista, Ángel Villar, says, “If there is any area that needs a EuroDeputy from the PA, that is the Campo de Gibraltar.” He explains that there are three major problems: th environment, the infrastructure and the situation of Spanish workers on Gibraltar. “The European elections are a great opportunity to have these three issues attended to directly from Brussels.

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