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The latest on electricity bills

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BillingLetter_May09_Front_SPA You may well have received a letter with your latest bill from our old friends at Endesa (picture). The Translation People have taken the trouble to translate it for you at no charge:

“Esteemed Client:

You probably already know that as from November 1st 2008 you are receiving your electricity bills every month as a result of Royal Decree 1578/2008 of 28 September.>

“You may also have noticed a considerable increase in the amount you have been paying for your electricity.

“One of the principal reasons is a particularly cold winter that has contributed to an increase in electricity use during that period. Also, you should take into account that the new monthly billing system began towards the end of 2008, coinciding with an increase in fees introduced by the Administration (government). All of this has had an impact on the bills you have received, where you can see the amount of kWh used, and compare them with bills from the same period of the previous year, such as the price you are paying as regulated by the Administration.

“For your peace of mind and in fulfilment of the Resolution dated 16 February 2009 from the Directorship General for Industry, Energy and Mines of the Junta de Andalucía, we are proceeding to revise the amount of your bills affected by estimates made in 2008 that you have received since November 1 last. The revision is as follows:

  1. We are taking into account your usage between two real meter readings (i.e. not estimated) as from that date and calculating the number of days between the two real readings.

  1. After that, we will check the bills issued during that period, calculating the number of days that belong to each bill and spreading usage proportionally between them.

  1. The tariffs charged for usage will be those that apply for the period.

  1. On the bills for real readings the charges for excess usage will be calculated according to the corresponding period, if it is over 500 kWh/per month (30 days.) Charges for excess usage will be applied at the tariffs corresponding to each period.

If the result of this revision is that you have been billed for an amount different to that of the previous operation, we will proceed to regularize that amount in the bill to which this letter is attached. For your convenience, if the revision results in a balance in our favour, we will not charge you for this bill.

Should you have any doubts or want more information on this matter, you can obtain it on www.endesaonline.com/facturamensual, call 902 509 509 or visit any of our offices.

Cordially yours,

(printed signature)

Julio Moratalla”

However, the translation does not extend to the back of the letter, to understand which one probably needs a degree in engineering – or at least more common sense and time than is immediately available.



  Jan wrote @

Thank you very much for the translation – it’s complicated even in English!

  prospero wrote @

If you understood the English, you’re luckier than we are! If there’s something you don’t understand, please ask and we’ll try to unravel the convoluted Spanish a little further…

  CraftyPip wrote @

My lighter view on confusing Law Jargon


Unless the context otherwise requires, words and expressions hereafter defined by the aforesaid article shall

have the same discretionary meaning, notwithstanding any third party agreement superceding the first party

acknowledgement of the terms summarised; and shall be taken into consideration when confirming interpretations

of the second party to the third party´s amendments of the clauses set out therein. In summary …we don´t

give a damn so long as you all agree.

  prospero wrote @

Hereinafter referred to as wise words.

  Stanley y Sheila Cosford wrote @

We will be thinking twice about spending Winter monhts in Mallorca – NOT good for the tourist industry, which is already suffering from the economic gloom !

  prospero wrote @

Received by e-mail: Thanks for English translation – does this mean that if we exceed 500 kwh in any one month, we will be charged for the excess? If so, at what rate per kwh are we charged? We occasionally spend a Winter month in Mallorca – as we did this year – therefore we exceed the 500kw/h. We never use any where near 500kw/h in the Summer! Is the excess consumption spread over the year? I’m sure there are lots of people who are as confused as we are. Should we be doing anything at this moment in time to make our bills less expensive, apart from using no electricity, or spending more time wrapped in fleeces and duvets? Many thanks for your valuable help! Yours Sheila and Stanley Cosford.

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