About Jimena de la Frontera, the province of Cadiz and Spain as a whole, focused on this small village in the mountains

Barcelona 2 – Manchester United 0

EP We know you know the result. You also know that Barça has won its third title this year. And you know why cars went around the village honking horns for a while last night (less so than if Real Madrid had achieved the same, we venture). Below you will find a series of photos of the event as celebrated in Jimena by Barcelona fans (Thanks to Morales).>

foto1 foto2 foto3 foto4 foto5 foto6

(By the way, we’re still looking for a Sports Correspondent.)



  bobbygee wrote @

I was looking forward to this match. It was blow out city baby. Barcelona was superiour on this day. Manchester United played tired. All the matches over the past season finally caught up with them. The EPL was dumb and stupid to play the final matches of the season on Sunday. I am not taking away from Barca’s win. It was a classic butt whopping. Thanks Bobby Gee.

  dvd wrote @

Well done Barca, you either support Man U or you don’t, once again well done Barca for playing glorious football and entertaining the masses

  sue wrote @

Wonderful football!glued to the box for the full 93minutes!!!

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