About Jimena de la Frontera, the province of Cadiz and Spain as a whole, focused on this small village in the mountains

PA demands Council report on Arenal 2000

Mayo17y18 arenal5 (Press release) The opposition party in Jimena, Partido Andalucista, has requested a report from the Council on the situation at Arenal 2000 as the result of constant complaints from the urbanization’s residents. For example, having asked for information regarding delays with the street lights (See There are people trying to sleep here!), they have not received a coherent reply, according to the PA. The delays and irregularities should never have happened if the urbanization>

had been properly checked before issuing ‘first occupation’ licences.

“Town Planning should have inspected the work before issuing these licences, which certify that everything is correct. However, the licence was issued for this urbanization when many of its facilities (e.g. lifts, water, etc.) were unfinished or defficient, which is why we consider necessary a report covering information regarding the reasons for these irregularities,” says the PA.

At the last Plenary Session of the Council, the party insisted on a reply about the street lighting outside the buildings, the lack of which is causing considerable inconvenience in the area, principally as the result of activities being carried out by those who take advantage of the darkness. “It is curious to note how the lights on the new pádel courts stay on for hours after they have finished being used ‘to avoid people coming in the dark’, when the same care is not taken with an urbanization that is only a few metres away. We do not understand why the courts have preference over residential areas, and the answers we get from the Council are unbelievable,” continues the statement.

The PA considers the information supplied by the Council ‘erroneous’. The explanation has centred on the lack of a boletín (certificate) from the electricity company. The PA says that one of these can be obtained in a day online, or in a week otherwise, “so this can’t possibly be the reason. Or did the boletín for the pádel courts take a year?” they ask.

Thus the PA is requesting a report from the Council that includes the dates the boletín was requested for both places. “If there is another reason for the street lights remaining unlit, then they should say so openly, because the delay for boletín excuse is obviously not valid. Anyone can tell you that a boletín, if everything is in order, can be obtained within days, so the least we can do is demand that the matter be cleared up.”

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