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What’s the point of … Gibraltar?

Aerial We came across this item on the BBC website: “Quentin Letts takes a witty but thought-provoking look at some great British institutions.” Tomorrow, at 10am (local time) on Radio 4 he asks, no doubt wittily but thought-provokingly, What’s the point of Gibraltar? You can listen to it online a week later: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00k8fmc.  (Prospero note: We haven’t got it in for Gib today, honest, but one site leads to another, doesn’t it?)



  Ben wrote @

So Gib was Moorish for 700 years and Spanish of a couple of hundred, and British since 1704. What on earth makes them think we’re Spanish!?! God save the Governor & God save the Queen. We will NEVER BE SPANISH!!!

  Nathan wrote @


the point is gibraltar is a shithole.

Nathan, Born and bred in Gibraltar

  Sam wrote @

I can concur with the previous comment that yes, Gibraltar is indeed a shithole. And it rains a lot. And Morrisons is expensive.

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