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Gibraltar commissions independent health study on cancer

gibraltar (Agencies) The Government of Gibraltar has commissioned a public health study on the incidence of cancer among the Rock’s population, according to an announcement made yesterday. Scheduled to start in a month’s time and expected to reach conclusions by the beginning of 2010, it is to be carried out by the Institute of Environmental Studies of the University of Aarhus, Denmark, and is to cover not only the Rock but adjacent population centres as well. The objective of the study>

is to establish whether there is, or not, a larger than proportionate incidence of various specific forms of cancer in the area, which is a public perception among Gibraltar’s population that has persisted over the years despite several reports to the contrary. The same is true of most of the Campo de Gibraltar, where environmental groups have been asking for such a study for a number of years.

Nº6 Convent Place stated that there has been no scientific study or investigation dealing specifically with this matter, adding that the Institute of Environmental Studies at Aarhus was chosen after careful research by Gibraltar’s Departments of Health and Environment. The Institute “has an excellent reputation in this field, having carried out similar investigations for the United Nations, the European Union, and national governments.”


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  Cybernest wrote @

About time too… and as I said on my blog post… all credit must go to Janet Howitt and ALL at the Gibraltar ecologists the Environmental Safety Group (ESG) for their dogged campaign over many years, in pursuit of this objective.

They have been formidable and relentless and I thank them for their great efforts on ALL our behalves!

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