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Expat candidates stand against corruption

CDL (Agencies) Two British candidates in are standing against Spanish corruption the European elections on June 7th. Sean O’Curneen Cañas and Jacqueline Cotterill are representing the Liberal Party in Spain via the Centro Democrático Liberal (CDL). They are demanding action over illegal construction, crooked mayors and the ‘land grab’ law, according to The Olive Press. They also want an end to bogus bank guarantees, fraud and above all, compensation for buyers whose homes have been ruled as illegal and knocked down.>

The CDL is the Spanish arm of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE), which is the Union’s third largest political force, with 100 MEPs.

O’Curneen Cañas, who is half Irish and half Spanish, has lived much of his life in Madrid, but studied in London as an astrophysicist. Top of the CDL’s list in Spain, he has worked for the BBC and for the past four years has been based in Brussels.

Briton Jacqueline Cotterill, a long time resident of Spain and currently deputy-mayor of Parcent (Alicante), is fourth on the list and hopeful of also being elected.


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  Charles Svoboda wrote @

We wish them every success. This country is very much in need of another approach to governance. The two leading parties only offer mutual recriminations, including well justified accusations of corruption- no real solutions or paths to the future.It’s obvious the economic and political models followed so far have led to the disaster embracing this country. Spain deserves better from its well rewarded politicians. The fact that the televison and other debates supported by the media only include the two main rival parties who are responsible for most of the problems is a sorry comment on the state of democracy in this country three decades after Franco.

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