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Great reception for Currini’s book

23.05.09 Presentación del libro de Currini (2) 2 As we announced last week, Francisco Jiménez Jiménez, better known as Currini, officially presented his book ‘Memories of my Childhood and Youth’ yesterday evening. Book presentations don’t often attract more than a dozen or so people, but Currini was the exception. The Casa de la Cultura in Jimena was ‘standing room only’; by some counts there were 70 or 80 people present. On the dais were (l. to r. in photo) José Regueira, the book’s editor, Cati Ledesma, President of La Estrella, Mayor Pascual Collado and Currini himself.>

The presentation was also a charity event. José Regueira donated 150 copies of the book to La Estrella, a figure that was matched by Currini. A total of 300 books (out of a first edition of 500) to be sold in aid of this marvellous Jimena charity! There are only a few of these left, Currini having almost lost the feeling in his right arm through signing so many copies (copies are available at La Tasca, so buy yours there to help the handicapped – even if you don’t have Spanish, you can still help). (Watch this space for another upcoming fundraiser, please.)

At dinner afterwards, both editor and writer were beside themselves with joy at the success of the event.

You can see a movie and a slide show, plus lots more on TioJimeno.

(Para el amigo Currini: Desde aquí nuestras más sinceras felcitaciones por el rotundo éxito de la presentación. Y aprovechamos para disculparnos por nuestra inevitable ausencia del magno evento, a pesar de nuestras promesas de concurrir. Estaremos en la presentación de tu próximo libro…)


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