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European elections, what again?

euroelections You will undoubtedly be aware that elections to the European Parliament take place in Spain on Sunday, June 7th (why are you yawning?). By this time you should have received your voting papers from the Town Hall – if you are registered, or empadronado. The paper, illustrated below, will tell you where to vote.>

This will be the local electoral, or voting station, closest to your home.

EuroElections Carta censo paint The paper will have your details, which is why you will need to take your residence card or papers and a photo ID. You go to your assigned Mesa (table) after you have come out of the voting booth armed with the list of candidates you have chosen. This is different to the UK, for instance, so you don’t have to tick any candidates’ name. You vote the party list, not a particular person. And that’s a good reason to study up on which party best suits you.

Find out more here: http://www.europarl.europa.eu/elections2009/

As you know, residents of European countries in Spain are allowed to vote only in municipal, regional (e.g. Junta de Andalucía) and European elections. MAKE YOURSELF HEARD, YOU HAVE THE RIGHT! But don’t complain if you can’t be bothered to vote.


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