About Jimena de la Frontera, the province of Cadiz and Spain as a whole, focused on this small village in the mountains

Cork harvest threatened?

loaded_mule_pq (Press release) Jimena Mayor Pascual Collado has expressed his concern about this year’s cork harvest. Only one of 16 cork estates in the municipality, private and public, have confirmed that they will be harvesting this summer. Collado has asked the regional administrations for help because if the above is confirmed, there will be a 95% unemployment rate among those involved in the harvest, a major business in this area.>

By this time in previous years, the cork estates would have closed their deals and the workforce would be in the process of preparation for the harvest. Estimates for this year had forecast a harvest of 2.9 million kilos for the estates within the municipality of Jimena. This represents some 6000 work days. With the data as it is today, almost 95% of these work days would be lost.

“If the present circumstances keep up over the next few weeks, we are talking about a really alarming situation,” said the Mayor.

Collado has held meetings with the Junta’s Environment and Government delegations with a view to getting urgent help and meetings with other government agencies are scheduled.

This situation is not unique to Jimena. Similar alarms have been raised by the municipalities of Cortes, Alcalá, Castellar and Los Barrios, among others. The financial impact on local economies would be truly alarming.

(To find out some more about the cork harvest, see our series How Did That Cork get in your Bottle?)


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