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Seruya wants Gibraltar talks to advance

Solomon Seruya (Agencies) Speaking at a conference at the Menéndez Pelayo International University in La Línea yesterday, businessman and former Gibraltar Minister Solomon Seruya said that he felt the Tripartite Forum talks “could be better coordinated at ministerial, regional and local levels.” He added that aggravating relations between Britain, Spain and Gibraltar “benefits no-one.” The ex minister made several points on the present situation that affects both sides of the border.>

Regarding the isthmus, Britain’s sovereignty over which is not recognized by Spain, Seruya suggested taking the matter to the European Court in The Hague. The former minister called Gibraltar’s financial centre “one of the best regulated” and asked that First Minister Peter Caruana’s proposal to dialogue over this matter “with maximum transparency” be accepted.

On the subject of the Spanish workers situation in Gibraltar, Seruya believes that this is a matter for the Court in Luxembourg. He also regretted that even today “the obsession of dealing with Gibraltarian authorities” still exists in the belief that such dealings “means conceding Gibraltar the status of nation. This cannot be so,” he said, “because the sovereignty of Gibraltar is Britain’s. The Rock has self-authority only on matters that do not affect sovereignty, defence and foreign relations.”


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