About Jimena de la Frontera, the province of Cadiz and Spain as a whole, focused on this small village in the mountains

Paul Marie-Francois Leonard (1923-2009)

paul el BelgaTJD (Photo: TioJimeno) We received the following e-mail with great sadness: “I know you would want to know that dear old Paul el Belga died yesterday morning. It was peaceful and at home. By lucky chance some of his family from Belgium are holidaying here. Pilar (who runs the bar at the Peña Flamenca) and her family who have been looking after him were also around, have all been marvellous. There is a mass today, Wednesday 20th at 4.30 in the Convento de Estación and then we will go off to the Tanatorio in La Línea for the cremation.” Paul, also known as el del huerto, was a long-time resident of Jimena who came to grow aguacates (avocados) in his huerto (orchard) long before these became popular in this part of Spain. Au revoir, mon ami.


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  Gerald and Beryl Metherell wrote @

We knew Paul through our great friends Antii and Anne-Marie when we lived in Jimena in the eighties. He was a pioneer, when most local growers were still hooked on lettuce, oranges and tomatoes. To be with him when he picked the right avocado for the time at which you wanted to have it at its best for eating, was to wonder at a skill which was new to that part of Spain. Adios amigo.

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