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Jail for Guardia Civil who killed man in Jimena

Guardia_Jimena_ES (Agencies) A Court in Algeciras has condemned the Guardia Civil, M.A.R.L., who killed a driver by mistake to 18 months in jail. The sentence includes prohibition to carry arms during that time, as well payment of €100,000 to the victim’s family. The tragic, fortuitous event took place>

on the 13th of June, 2006, when an anti-drug operation was under way at Km. 23 on the A-405 just outside Estación towards Algeciras. You can read a full report on the Guardia’s statement in our previous item here.

At that very moment, the victim, M.C.E. from Estepona, and two workmates drove past in a white van. The bullet killed the victim instantly.

The sentence handed down yesterday said it had proved that there had been no intention to harm the victim, although it did state that the gun should never have been pointing towards the road “where it could be assumed traffic might be passing.”



  simon wrote @

So the victim was from Estepona then.

We are very glad that the perpetrator will not be allowed to carry arms “for that time” (i.e. while he is in prison)

We also hope that he will never be allowed to again.

  prospero wrote @

Yes, he was from Estepona, poor lad. (I can hear you licking your ‘I was right’ chops from here!) And I agree with your comment.

  Sancho wrote @

I believe both the victim and the Guardia Civil lived in Estepona. I am sure it was a tragic accident but I cannot help but think that he pointed what he thought was an empty gun at the passing cab, pulled the trigger and was then horrified to find the gun was loaded after all.

  simon wrote @

Sancho makes a good point. Also, if the gun had been pointing anywhere else, we would not have heard anything more. The unluckiest people in the tragedy are obviously the victim and his family and friends. They are closely followed by the Guardia man.

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