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Sotogrande is cheaper than Jimena – redux

Factura_Sotogrande2 A press release from opposition party Partido Andalucista illustrates the fact that, in addition to road tax (see item here), the water rates are cheaper as well. The communiqué points out that, to start with, residents of the luxury urbanization do not pay rubbish collection. Water, however, is another matter; we translate the calculations and comments made by the PA below>

Aside from rubbish collection, water rates -for a very basic service- in Sotogrande are higher, or so it is thought.

With data based on bills additional to that above, the basic water meter service in Sotogrande is €16.23, when in Jimena it is usually €8.32. We pay nearly half here.

Sewage service costs €10 in Sotogrande and only €3.68 in Jimena. Quite a difference – except when we take into account what is called a canon on our bills and can be translated as a levy. This just about equals things up. At best we might be paying a couple of euros less than our neighbours in Sotogrande. But what happens with actual water usage?

We find that we pay for the unequal quality of water in Jimena at the price of gold. The water company in Sotogrande, which also supplies Pueblo Nuevo, charges €0.24 for the first 50m3, while in Jimena we pay €0.29. However, as soon as we use the 15m3, the next ‘section’ costs us €0.49 – more than double. Should a family dare to shower daily and go over the 35m3 mark, the cost in Jimena is €0.64… As we said, the price of gold.

In Sotogrande, if they go over 50m3 they pay €0.27 per m3, which is still cheaper than in Jimena. If we take our eye off the Jimena ball at this stage, though, and use more than 90m3, we will be paying €0.98 per m3 – almost a euro per cubic metre. The price in Sotogrande, however, is maintained at €0.27 until they go over the 200m3 point, in which case they get charged a mere €0.36/m3.

As for sewage rates, much of the same. While in Sotogrande they start paying €0.12/m3 up to 50m3 of usage, when they pay €0.18. In Jimena, on the other hand, perhaps because of our higher per capita income or perhaps for the excellence of our infrastructure, we start at €0.35/m3, which shoots up to €0.57 as soon as we reach the 21m3 mark.


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  Rebecca wrote @

You forgot to mention the exorbitant community fees we have to pay in Sotogrande!! :)
Jimena is definitely cheaper and a much nicer place to live!!

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