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An appeal from the Cultural Association of Sotogrande

empty-picture-frame2Signed by its President, Ad van Loon, the following was sent in by the Cultural Association of Sotogrande under the title ‘Culture in Times of Crisis: Help Us Revive and Continue Our Activities’. It makes interesting reading and is a reminder of the excellent quality of the work carried out by that association over the last eight years.>

I believe that not a day passes without any mention of the global crisis. It appears that there is no other topic at all and probably no other topic that so depresses anyone and
obscures the need for joy and a positive attitude. We are of the opinion that this positive mentality can be aroused through the infusion of an interest in a cultural life that lifts up
and inspires our spirit.
Consequently, I think that this situation gives me a clear motive to make a cry for help to revive and continue our cultural activities. It is because we pass through days in
which there is more need than before to refresh our mind and emotions and fill ourselves with something positive.
This enthusiasm to move on has been kept alive in me by the questions posed to me by various people during the past year. I bumped into them in the streets of Sotogrande and
the persistent question was why they have not heard anymore of our monthly Sonatas de Domingo, the periodic classical concerts “Clásica en la Iglesia”, the Sotogrande Blues
Night, and the exhibitions such as the Caprichos, the presentation of contemporary art in private gardens inside our community. It is clear that the public misses these activities.
I have explained to many, and I reiterate here, that it is neither because we simply do not want at all, nor because we have become exhausted. The one and only reason is that
we have run out of funds, due to the discontinuance of the support of our principal sponsors. The association can never survive with simply the annual dues of the members.
And so with all my heart am I making an appeal for help in supporting our initiative for the sake of culture and lighting up our daily life as we have been doing in more than eight years.


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