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Jimena airport raises its ugly head – again

PICT0004 In a report by Vox, a Gibraltar publication (and as yet unconfirmed by any other media), the spectre of an airport on the outskirts of Jimena raises its head once more. According to the article, titled ‘Junta’s Secret Plan Will Kill Gib’s New Airport’, the Junta de Andalucía is negotiating to buy land ‘in the wide valley bottom, to the south of the historic white town’. You can read the whole article below>


Green light for international Jimena project

Plans for a new international airport near Jimena – which will undermine the economic viability of Gibraltar’s £100 million white elephant airport project – are to go ahead…backed by the Junta del Andalusia. The Junta has already begun negotiations to acquire land in the wide valley bottom, to the south of the historic white town – ironically at the same time that it has backed the establishment of the Andalus Airline.

Industrial Park

The plans envisage not only an international airport capable of handling the world’s newest fleets of 500-seater mega-jets, but will also  offer an “industrial” park to establish light industries and research laboratories, a source close to the secret  negotiations told VOX this week.

They echo a similar project mooted several years ago by Irish entrepreneur Robert Noonan who bought up some of the land in the Jimena valley, but shelved the project when he was persuaded by the Caruana regime to establish a new low-cost airline Fly Gibraltar which would have been based in Gibraltar.

The airline spectacularly failed to get off the ground and in the acrimonious aftermath other Noonan projects were put in jeopardy and some of the participants blamed Caruana and the then Tourism Minister Joe Holliday for the failure.

Noonan declined to comment this week.

Holliday’s Optimism Criticised

In fact, Holliday’s over-optimism has also been criticised as partly responsible for the other recent airline failure – the withdrawal of Spain’s flagship carrier Iberian Airlines from the Gibraltar route.

The Government’s deal with Iberia is thought to have been partly responsible for the Gaggero family’s decision to sell GB Airways to EasyJet. While the later Iberian withdrawal itself was blamed on a lack of demand, the new Andalus airline – whose maiden flight last week was heralded as an important breakthrough by both Holliday as Industry Minister and Ernest Britto, the Tourism portfolio replacement – appears to be experiencing similar problems. It cancelled on flight for lack of support and later reduced its planned capacity from a 50-seat aircraft to a smaller, 13-seater plane.

Meanwhile, as work continues on the infrastructure of roads that will serve the new controversial terminals building at Gibraltar airport, airline industry sources have warned that the Government’s willingness to allow developments of buildings with more than eight storeys in such proximity to the runways as Greg Butcher’s Ocean Village complex and Taylor Woodrow’s Trade Winds development at Marina Bay, rule out its use by the big jet now being introduced by the major airlines.

“Even before it is built Gibraltar’s new £100-million airport project is already an anachronism,” VOX was told.

Questions Over Future Usage

Though the Junta-backed Andalus airline announced on Wednesday that its “teething troubles” were over and that a 50-seater aircraft would be placed in regular service …a question mark still hovers over the demand.

And an even bigger question mark hangs over its future – and the future of any other airline which may consider serving Gibraltar – when the Jimena airport takes shape…possibly as soon as 2012.



  Yvonne wrote @

A 500 seater jet will come down with the same ease as a 300 seater jet when a flock of migrating vultures or storks goes through the engine. This is the reason they gave for not going ahead last time.
Also what about all the twaddle of not being allowed to develop the Cañada. We are partly on the Cañada, so I assume the new airport will be too. One rule for the serfs and one for the bosses !
Yes I am biased, I live at La Adelfilla which to all intent and purpose will be at the end of the runway and no one has ever negotiated to buy our property. Or will they just tell us it is a land grab and we have no choice but to go ?

  CraftyPip wrote @

It is mankind who is having an economic CRISIS and not nature. The reports commissioned ruled out the possibility of an airport as it would have a devastating ecological affect. So if VOX´s sources are correct then the Junta de Andalucia are obviously in touch with a higher authority who has negotiated with all wildlife and has made a deal for them to move to a different migratory route. One has to ask, If there is little or no call for Spain to use Gibraltar, what makes the Junta believe that Jimena is going to be any more attractive? Oh of course I forgot we will have the world´s first Airbourne Parque de Aves and a realistic Inflight Bird Strike Crash Test Center. Plus the industrial park..making…..coffins..aircraft parts of course,..amulances and fire trucks…
But the thing I nearly forgot was, who is going explain to or even compensate the 500 passengers´ families who lose their relatives owing to a crash, or explain to what´s left of Jimena or San Pablo or maybe Sotogrande, because the Junta FLEW in the face of advice and nature and evidence of what a bird strike can do.
No matter how much the Hozgarganta and the Hudson are rivers, I somehow think that the largest bird that you will be crash landing on tha Hozgarganta will be a Heron or Stork.
Spain will be playing Russia roulette with its people and visitors and the stakes are unacceptable to decency, safety and morality.

  Sancho wrote @

Several reasons call this report in to doubt. First it is in Vox. Second the success of Gib’s airport is as much as in Spain’s interest as the Rock’s to keep the Cordoba accords alive. Third the Jimena airport was ruled out on environmental grounds – I doubt if ever there was much faith in Gib on Fly Gib or indeed in the Irishman…hence his construction contracts were cancelled. Fourth as Gib and Jerez airports are struggling why build a competitor in Jimena? – and last but by no means least – there is a recession on and there’s no spare cash – certainly not for a scheme such as this!

  neil wrote @

It will never happen. Purely politics beween Spain, Gibraltar and the Junta del Andalusia.

If Gibraltar airport based airlines cannot pay their way, why have another airport going for the same cachement of business.

Jerez and Sevilla are still suffering from poor passenger numbers and Malaga traffic is way down …. Malaga, still with new terminals and another runway to pay for !

But, as a thought, will the new high speed train from Malaga to Estepona be extended to the new airport …. yet another great headline !!!!!!!!!!!!

  CraftyPip wrote @

I have added this to Face book , I hope it is acceptable for you and your readers:

  Yvonne wrote @

Incase anyone wonders where this video was taken.
Km 29 on the A405 Venta Carrasco and Venta Amparo.
This is the air above those properties and the air through which any take off or landing would happen.
Just a few little birds !!!!

  David wrote @

This is VOX, don’t get yourself worked up until and unless an actual news organisation reports it.

VOX is a fan(tasy)zine.

Indeed there are numerous claims in that vox ‘article’ which are clear and provable rubbish.

  prospero wrote @

Thanks, David, someone else said that, too, and I agree entirely. No point in getting knickers in twists… But why do you have jimenapulse as an address, may I ask? We might be flattered, but then we might not.

  David wrote @

Don’t worry – just a force of habit. That address (jimenapulse@some-domain-of-mine.com) I would only use on here, then I will use EXAMPLE@random-domain-of-mine.com when I comment at the site example.com.

That way when a naughty site (say 123oranges.net) sells their mailing list to spammers / get hacked and their user db is stolen, I would know this when I start getting lots of spam coming into the address 123oranges@my-random-domain.. at which point that address would be set to black-hole everything it receives. Everything not black holed comes through.

I say it was a force of habit because I know your site is a legitimate, secure and trustworthy one, and indeed I have commented before using a real (normal) address of mine here.

  prospero wrote @

Okay, we understand force of habit! Thanks for your answer…

  CraftyPip wrote @

I replied to the Vox and it was published…a bit disjointed but really covering what everybody else has re enforced..


kind regards….

  JBRDGE wrote @

Noonan never intended an airport.
DO some research into the airport that was proposed for Dublin (not by Noonan).
The airport never happened, but Noonans name appeared over and over again in the land deals that emanated from the wreckage

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