About Jimena de la Frontera, the province of Cadiz and Spain as a whole, focused on this small village in the mountains

Guardia Civil who shot Jimena man to be sentenced

guardiacivil(Agencies) A Guardia Civil officer who shot dead a Jimena man in 2006 believed his gun to be unloaded, according to news reports from the Algeciras court dealing with his trial. The prosecutor is asking for 1 year and 6 months for ‘imprudent homicide’, plus an indemnization to the victim’s parents of €95,000, while the private accusation (which represents the parents) is demanding a prison sentence of 11 years and 6 months, plus €300,000 indemnization. The State Attorney asks for dismissal of the case. The story goes back to June 13th, 2006, when>the Guardia Civil, answering to the initials M.A.R.L., was posted at the side of the A-405 just outside Estación (Km 23) , in Jimena, on a drug watch. According to the officer’s statement in court, “I left the Guardia headquarters (in Jimena) in a hurry, to takeover the watch from a colleague at 2pm. At 2.45pm, I realized I hadn’t checked my weapon ( a 9mm parabellum) as I did every day.  I saw there was no bullet in the magazine but I did notice some dirt in the barrel. I pulled back the slide to clean it and then let it go, expecting a dry ‘shot’. But there was a bullet in the chamber, which went off unexpctedly.” The officer was stunned, though he did remove a second bullet in the chamber, at which point he scrambled to the road (his vehicle was hidden below the level of the road surface) to find two vehicles and people calling for an ambulance, “which I did from my phone.”

Whatever sentence handed down by the court, the various parties have already stated their intention of appealing it.



  Sancho wrote @

I remember the day well as I passed the spot minutes after the shooting and before the ambulance arrived. There but for the grace of God and all that! I also wonder how my son would feel being handed 95,000 euros – with a quick sorry about your dad. On second thoughts, he might be delighted!

  simon wrote @

IIRC (If I Recall Correctly) the man who was shot was from Estepona rather than Jimena – but I may be mistaken

  prospero wrote @

No, he worked in Estepona, IIRC, and was on his way back home from work.

  CraftyPip wrote @

Being the first vehicle at the scene of this incident, and I say this because the van involved was still moving very slowly towards me and the driver appeared to be using a mobile ´phone at the same time. It appeared for all intents and purposes that was all it was ,a person using a mobile phone and nothing more innocuous. As there
were no Police or Guadia to be seen anywhere in the vacinity and nothing appeared out of place, it wasn´t until I returned from picking my child up from School that it became clear that everything was anything but alright.
No amount of imprisonment or compensation will ever heal the families involved. Even the officer involved, who some say should the locked up for good, will have to come to terms with shooting a friend accidently, and that maybe harder than any of us can ever imagine.

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