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Barcelona gets into Champions League final

barcelonachelseaAs we write, a few cars (this is mainly a Real Madrid town) are noisily celebrating Barcelona F.C.’s getting into the final of the European Champion’s League against Manchester United, to be played in Rome (when, anyone?). Our tiny bit of research -and half listening to the match on the BBC coz we can’t afford Sky- tells us that Iniesta managed to score at the very last minute, bringing the game to 1-1, which by aggregate gets Barça to Rome. Please feel free to comment, people. (Anyone want to be JimenaPulse’s Sports Department?)



  sue wrote @

27th May,I think!!

  sue wrote @

dont forget Fernando Alonso´s racing in Barcelona this weekend!”ALL POWER TO HIS RENAULT!”

  dvd wrote @

Definitely the 27th may in Rome

  dvd wrote @

I feel they got there buy default, two hand balls in the penalty area not given to Chelsea and scoring in the 93rd minute???.
I am not a supporter of either team, but lets make it fair and just.
Some body does not want two English teams in the final???

  sportologist wrote @

what do you think about that:

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