About Jimena de la Frontera, the province of Cadiz and Spain as a whole, focused on this small village in the mountains

May Fair Programme

portadaprogramaAs we announced earlier, this year’s Feria de Mayo is to be held on May 8, 9 and 10. The new venue for all activities, including horse, mule and donkey trading, as well as the traditional cork loading and dog competitions, is behind the sports pavillion (we’re not too certain as to how to reach it, but suggest you follow the throngs). In words from the Councillor for Festivities, Jesús Ma. Rodríguez Quirós, contained in the programme (picture): “…we have worked hard to reduce costs … so I ask for your forbearance if you notice any considerable reductions…” Please see the full programme below>


19.00     IV Annual Cork gatherers competition

20.30    Lights On! at the fairground

23.00    Dancing at the Municipal marquee to Trio Elite

23.00    Opening of the Caseta de la Juventud


10.30     I Infants’ 7-a-side Football at Municipal Stadium

11.00     Opening of Horse, Mule & Donkey trade fair

12.00     XI Annual Cork Loading Competition

12.30     Horse Parade through the village, organized by the ‘El Estribo’ Riding Association

23.00     Dancing at the Municipal marquee to Orquesta Costa Blanca

23.00     Opening of Caseta de la Juventud


8.30 to 11.00  Registration for Dog Shows (See separate item below) and opening of the dog trading fair, followed by the VII Annual National Canine Competition and VI Annual Podenco & Maneto Show.

12.00     Various activities organized by the El Estribo Riding Association

14.00     Dancing in the Municipal marquee to Trío Pirámide and Orquesta Costa Blanca, plus a Coro Rociero.

15.00     Free Paella, organized by El Estribo, at their marquee

18.00     Riding Show at the new fairground

DOG SHOW PROGRAMME (click to enlarge):




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  sue wrote @

…….and THIS???I know we´re strapped for cash but this is the nicest event of the year in Jimena.Are we going down the same road as Ronda and saving cash to pay people to build lovely pavements in front of ruins(opposite the supermarket…)..what happened to the scheme for digging up all the roads in Jimena and replacing the mains drainage system?It stopped short of our road(again!)and we´ve had,at least two call-outs to attend to “nasty leakages”…..now that would be money better spent,I think!I was quite looking forward to hobbling down to have a look at the donkeys etc but as its getting closer and closer to Estacion,I think I´ll probably give it a miss!Weekly rant over,thank you!

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