About Jimena de la Frontera, the province of Cadiz and Spain as a whole, focused on this small village in the mountains

To our readers….

prosp_sickJust in case anyone thought we had fallen off the edge of the planet, we regret to report that Prospero has had a recurrence of what has kept him away from his life since April 16th, which fortunately has nothing to do with Mexican pigs. As well as he can, he is keeping an eye on such divers items as a wedding in the castle at Jimena, the latest on Jimena’s International Music Festival, more political intrigue, and so on. By now, of course, a lot of what was news ten days ago has just flown off the headlines, so if we omit anything, it won’t be particularly important (we hope.)



  CraftyPip wrote @

Noli nothis permittere te terere.!!!!!
Get well soon
Here´s a thought if,”Todays headlines are tomorrows fish & chip wrappers “, what is a similar analogy that can be credied to internet headlines? (silicon chip wrappers !!)
kind regards…

  prospero wrote @

Just so long as everyone understands that I have never, ever in my life had any kind of relationship with Mexican pigs! Both Chish & Fips, however, have been some of my best friends – hard to digest at times, but friends nevertheless. As for Silly Cone, she and I never hit it off so she was never putty in my hands. Head lines, though … well, I come from that generation, don’t I?
Thanks for your good wishes -again- Crafty. (Psssst! wot’s that about noli nothis?)

  CraftyPip wrote @

Its an old Latin saying for when everyone and everything is getting you down…the altenative version which is more readily used is Nil illegitimi carborundum, but it isn´t regarded as true Latin. (Don´t let the B*+-%*ds get you down ) Lets hope life will be on the up..

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