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Arenal Jimena water situation, latest

Mayo17y18 arenal5 We received the following notification with a request for it to be translated into English. We’ve added a couple of notes for a little help. If you know anyone who is unaware of the situation, please be sure to tell them. And there are a couple of legal points on this whole ugly affair that will be coming up later (when everyone who needs it, has water).>

The debt owed by Arenal to the water company has been paid, so the owners can come to the ARCGISA  offices in Jimena to formalize their contracts. (Opening hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9.30am to 1.30pm).
I would appreciate it if you could inform the owners that on Tuesday, May 5th, the water supply as it has been so far, will be cut off. Therefore, those who have not contracted their own individual supply, will no longer have water.

Documents to be furnished:
Filled-in application
Photocopy of title deeds (Escritura)
Occupation licence (Licencia Primera Ocupación)
Photocopy of Boletín (it will be in the name of Arenal)
Photocopy of ID document (Residencia, NIE or Passport)
Bank account number (if you’re going to direct debit)

The amount you will have to pay is €83.65 (€72.12 + 16% VAT) for each home.

Billing for communal areas (swimming pool, watering, etc.) will vary according to each meter.

ARCGISA TLF/ FAX 956 6411 11



  volker wrote @

tuesday, 5th MAY, I guess, not april…

  prospero wrote @

Oooops! Dankeschön, Volker!

  volker wrote @

bitteschön, lol…

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