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We haven’t died yet…

prosp_sickConcerned readers of JimenaPulse might be wondering where we are. Well, our chief bottle washer Prospero caught a virus of the physical kind and has been laid up for several days. He still feels like death warmed up and has no energy. Nevertheless, he feels better than a couple of days ago. With luck and medication, he will be in full force in the next couple of days.



  sue wrote @

awwww!Get well soon,honey!Laura had the gripe last weekend….not nice!Lots of vitamin C and honey,good duvet,good books and lots of sleep!Big hugs!xx

  Gillian & Bernard Tarry wrote @

So sorry to read that you have been poorly. Get well soon!

  CraftyPip wrote @

Wishing you a speedy recovery…

  Simon wrote @

[/lazy on]

What everybody else said

[/lazy off]

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