About Jimena de la Frontera, the province of Cadiz and Spain as a whole, focused on this small village in the mountains

Jimena-Castellar-Algeciras bus route proposed

bus_Algeciras (Press Release) The Mayor of Castellar, Francisco Vaca, has proposed the creation of a bus route between Jimena, Castellar and Algeciras. Vaca raised the subject with the Transport Consortium of the Campo de Gubraltar, pointing out that the needs of workers, students and the public in general are not being met by the present service. The time table,>

which received a positive reaction from the consortium, would begin at 6.30 at San Pablo de Buceite and arrive in Algeciras at 7.45 after several stops en route and returning at 3.15pm, which would allow users to remain in Algeciras at least during the morning work and study hours.

Vaca hopes the new route will come into effect as soon as possible.


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  sue wrote @

Fantastic!Laura gets a lift into Algeciras a couple of times a week but the rest of the time,relies on public transport.Her studies start at 9am so if she gets the train in….she has to run to get to class on time and then hang around for 3 hours to come back again(studies finish at 1pm)If she gets the bus….she gets in an hour late and leaves an hour early….hardly worth going!A decent bus service would be really helpful!

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