About Jimena de la Frontera, the province of Cadiz and Spain as a whole, focused on this small village in the mountains

Gypsy families squat in empty apartments

mijas (Agencies) A spokesman for 150 members of gypsy families occupying empty apartments at the Golden Hills development in Mijas (photo) since Sunday put their case as follows: “The flats are abandoned and in a poor condition; and meanwhile we’re on the street.” The unfinished urbanization has been repossessed by the banks and is considerably neglected, though presumably in better condition than the area from which the families come, Molino del Viento, only a few kilometres away. The police are awaiting court orders for eviction. (Prospero comment: Could this happen in Jimena?>

It did, about fifteen years ago, though not in such numbers. There was a spate of occupations by mainly gypsy families, who took over several apparently ‘abandoned’ homes in the village owned by foreigners. The law at the time was much in their favour -not so today- and in some cases it took years to have them evicted. In one case in which I was involved, we were told that ‘the Town Hall had encouraged them’, though we have no proof that this was so.)

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  sue wrote @

What always amazes me is that you see pictures of these families living in poverty,kids barefoot,playing in the rubbish,shacks made from corrugated iron(or worse!)but they all have plasma TV´s and big cars,designer labelled shoes and clothes and are dripping with gold………..I am NOT racist,by any means…..just a normal,hardworking(currently NOT working)single parent,struggling to pay my bills and get my daughter to college each month yet I am turned away by the Government…..no more handouts for me!Yes,it will happen in Jimena…remember a couple of years ago,when we had the Rumanian invasion?There was no waiting in line for housing and benefits and now,with generous payoffs,they are gone again.In my opinion,anyone who wants to live in the rabbit warrens down at the bottom of town are welcome to them but do we really need another ghetto growing up next to the Centro Salud?Rant for the week over…thank you!

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