About Jimena de la Frontera, the province of Cadiz and Spain as a whole, focused on this small village in the mountains

The knife grinder

afilador_de_cuchillos Prospero has just been whisked away to his childhood – please forgive him. The fact is that he heard the pan flute that announces the arrival of a knife grinder in Jimena, so he rushed off with his camera to take picture. Having been brought up on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, we imagine that this was a frequent event for him, so we are putting up the above image (from the Argentine) until he returns… Actually, knife grinders have been known in Jimena before, though less so over the years; this one, we think, came in a van equipped with a loudspeaker.



  prospero wrote @

He was in a van and he does have a loudspeaker that emitted the sound of a Pan flute (that’s a capital P, chaps). Trouble is, he was up the hill faster than I could run. But thanks for the photo you downloaded… And anyway, I have a perfectly good knife sharpener at home.

  sheila wrote @

If he was in a van, forget it! A couple of years ago one came down my street and he was charging EXTORTIONATE prices – maybe ‘cos I am obviously not Spanish. I went out and bought a sharpener. Please ask your readers to check his prices before handing over their precious knives and opening their wallets.

  sue wrote @

There was an old guy doing his rounds on his bike a couple of years back down in Sabinillas…….my friend took a complete set of very expensive knives out to be sharpened and the price was astronomical…..we,who have axes to grind,believe he was hiding his BMW or Rolls behind the bins at the entrance to the urbanisation!LOL!!I guess the sun shines for everyone!

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