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Noise pollution: another summer approaches

noise In the past – every year since we started, in fact (see lots of related items here) – we have campaigned against the noise of vehicles during the summer. When we begin to open our windows of an evening, we can hardly hold a conversation without being annoyingly interrupted by a passing motorbike or a travelling discotheque in the shape of a car. Join us in our campaign to have these vehicles fined for breaking the law; just write a comment, please! (Prospero comment: As I write, with windows open, I have the following noises practically in the house: a chain saw, a crew drilling the street, >a passing discotheque in full force, two motorbikes without silencers, the aforesaid crew shouting at each other and a mule braying – all within the space of five minutes. And it’s not even mid-April yet!)



  sheila wrote @

Oh please everyone, make a comment on this. I go crazy with the noise in the summer in my street. This year I am hopefully going away for a couple of weeks, just to escape!

  neil wrote @

Can we also include dogs that bark incessantly for hours on end.

  Simon wrote @

We had a bad time a couple of summers back with stupidly loud music coming from a neighbour’s house. I mean we couldn’t hear our television and the front door vibrated loudly in time with the music. I call it music but ….

I spoke to the perpetrator who just didn’t seem to understand. He seemed to think that he could make as much noise as he wanted in his own house and it was nothing to do with me.

I threatened to go to the police if he didn’t stop (and I would have done as well) and you should have seen the utter disbelief and consternation in his face. It stopped the music all right – he obviously didn’t want a visit from the boys in blue.

By the way it was neither English nor Spanish music.

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